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My Longer Story

Those who dare to tri, win!

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In a nutshell the past 5 years...

2016: Get Married

2017: Get pregnant

2018: Had my first baby, Isla Rose

2019: Had my second baby, Gracie May

2020: Covid! 2020 Lockdown! Decide to train for Triathlons to keep fit

2021: Qualify for Great Britain Age Group Team for Standard Distance Triathlon

I'm not special, I'm not the fittest or fastest, but what I do have is drive to be fitter and faster each day, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do next year!


I guess I have always been into fitness from a very young age. At school I would run the in the cross country trails, swim in galas and I was Netball and Rounders captain. I always want to win. I have to tame my competitiveness throughout my day usually.

The sports I did at school where I would compete in or was part of a team though are listed below!#sportyspice

- Netball

- Hockey

- Rounders

- Swimming

- Cross Country

- Athletics - Throwing events - Shot put, javelin, discus. (hated hurdles!)

- Tae Kwon Do

- Horse Riding

- Skateboarding

- Snowboarding

I would they were the main ones but when there was a new club such as girls rugby, girls football or anything new and sporty I would always put my hand up high.

I loved being a girl where I could prove that girls can do it too, I felt this from a very young age, I hated that girls were deemed weaker, or slower or more scared to do something - I wanted to prove them wrong, and that anyone can do anything.


I think this is where my sports dropped off the cliff - the 'sport' I did mostly was dancing at 1am in a club after a lot of snake bite black! I did however try and learn guitar and also was still skateboarding at this point.

You never know what is round the corner...

During the end of uni and where you start your career I had a traumatic experience and lost my mother to cancer at the age of 21. I didn't realise at the end but this had a profound effect on me for many years.

My mother had stomach pains in August 2008 and went to the doctors, nothing was done and no one thought anything of it. Come Monday 13th December she took herself to A&E as the pains were so bad, they made her stay over night and the next day they did a lot of tests.

Wednesday came and this is when the doctors told us she had Bowel Cancer - and she had weeks to live.

Thursday morning they said they got it wrong, it'll be more like months or years with the right treatment - she looked terrible, her stomach ballooning and she was screaming in pain - that afternoon they retracted that conversation and said 'no no, sorry, we were right first time - she only has weeks'... such a terrible experience and a hospital I often ask never to go to still to this day because of this.

Anyway - all of it was a lie - she died the Friday. It took just 5 days in hospital for cancer to kill my mother.

It took me a good couple years to truly get over this. I actually took up running and spinning a lot - probably a bit too much and this took over a little, as a way on control I think looking back.

That's when I met him...

2 years after I met my now husband, Ben. Those who know Ben will say he is crazy, funny, genuine and heart of gold - and he is all these things 110%! He played rugby very competitively when we met and totally understands the mentality of a sports person. He is never confused or ask questions if I need to go for a run at 9pm.

We get married 27th August 2016

During this time my fitness is at it's best I would say - I have now took up CrossFit and am competing in individual events and team events.

I then get pregnant 2017, I actually did a CrossFit event when I was 6 weeks pregnant and did not know.

I have my first baby in 2018 - Isla Rose.

She is a whirlwind and simply becoming a parent for the first time is a whirlwind - we knew we wanted to have two close together but Isla had colic, wouldn't sleep, teething etc etc so we waited - but only until her first birthday which is when we got pregnant again.

9 month later in 2019 - Gracie May arrives - in a whooping record of just 6 minutes!!! I was reading to Isla a book in Bens parent living room just 30 minutes before giving birth in the hospital (almost the car park) They live next to the hospital so thank god they do!

to be continued.... and I will add photos to this too when I get chance...



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At 35 years old, and months after becoming a mum of two I decided I wanted to compete professionally at triathlon, whilst maintaining my working life too.

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