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All the Gear, No Idea.

There is an incredible amount of kit to think about with Triathlons... whether it's sprint, olympic or a full Ironman...

You will always need a swim suit / wet suit / tri suit for your first discipline... not to mention hat and goggles. Then the bike section is pretty impossible without said equipment... but WHAT kind of bike do you get? And lastly a pair of trainers, which vary so much in size, style, material and price.

Do what is right for you!

“You only need the basics for your first Tri - see how it feels, borrow where you can - then build up your kit”

Three disciplines, three times the kit! It can be very expensive, and that's not even including all the entry fees, license fees, travel and accommodation if it's far away plus maintenance on the bike fees. If you are like me, keen as mustard to just get stuck in you will probably ignore this advice but I will give it anyway, Ias just bought it all thinking I want to be prepared... and ended up not even using half the kit. #wastofmoney #allthegearnoidea

The Swim

Depending on the season you will need a wetsuit. Usually people swam from May until September. I got keen to start in December so bought neoprene socks, hat, thick wetsuit, tow float, polarized goggles... the lot. I still to this day have never touched my socks or hat because by the time the venues are open to actually get training done, the water is warm enough without them - plus during a race you aren't generally allowed to wear them as they give an advantage to your stroke or kick so it is better to train as you would race always.

The polarized goggles are good, I still use them in the pool, however after 6 months they are starting to steam so I will look to buy some demister for this issue. I was lucky with mine as they fit my perfectly, not letting in any water. However it isn't always easy to find perfect fit goggles - recommend finding a shop that sells them so you can try them on. But do aim for polarized for triathlon - the sun can be blinding and you don't need that during a race and going of route to add on 200m to the course.

The Bike

There are some sexy bikes out there, but grass isn't always greener”

There are many types of bikes ... mountain (not recommended ever for a triathlon), road and TT bikes.

Generally road bikes are used by the majority and TT bikes for the more elite. I have just bought my first TT bike, so will create a new post around how that feels and why or if it is better than my road bike. I would say though it's all on YOU... not the bike. You can have someone on a mountain bike beat someone on a TT bike depending on fitness and strength of the rider, minimal gains are made in the equipment - if new, focus on your fitness and strength before any of the gear.

To turbo or not to turbo?... if you aren't aware you can get turbo trainers so your bike is static indoors allowing you to train all year round. HOWEVER, please do not get used to turbos, if you are thinking of competing in triathlons - they are super for fitness and give you a great way to train those legs. But nothing beats getting out on the road and getting used to your bike - I gained a lot of speed not from fitness but just confidence of handling the bike in just a couple of months.

The Run

Keep it comfortable - and try and run without socks.

Sounds painful to run the already tiring part of a triathlon without socks, however it's fine if you find the right trainers. And it helps you fly out of transition. I would suggest a wider fit for this reason to stop rubbing. Also talc powder!

Wear your trainers in your training - do not buy brand new, the golden rule is try nothing new on race day! If they are comfortable in training then they will do perfectly for your triathlon race - do not think you need new sexy shoes to run faster - you do not.

The Transition

Keep it low key. You do not want clutter - just your race belt is the additional extra here. And it is a must!!



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